Outdoor Patio Design-Build

a Subsidiary of Lifestyle Design Build, LLC

After we receive your request for a free consultation, we will schedule a time when it best fits your schedule. Our combined Experience of over 50 years of Design, Engineering & Building will be put to work for you to Deliver the ultimate result you expect from a Professional firm.  Our Process will guide you through the decision making of all the Components you might want to include in your Project.  It is our Goal to deliver your Outdoor Living Project with all your expectations.


We will submit your plans to your Home Owners Association if your subdivision has a H.O.A approval requirement and we will take care of the entire process of getting approval from the H.O.A..  While this is being done we will submit the plans to the governing municipality for permitting.  We will handle every submission, inspection request, and approval to finalize your project.  These two processes can take from two to six weeks, depending on the municipality your project is in.  During this time period we will finalize your selections for material, colors & finishes, that will become part of the Contract Documents.





We will provide a Floor Plan with exact dimensions showing placement of columns & beams; roof lines and existing house with our proposal.

If you decide that our Preliminary Budget is close to your planned Budget, we will ask you for your survey.  We need the Survey of your property before we can start a Design.  We need this to determine where the utility easements and Building Lines are located and the available Impervious Building Area.  The total Imperious Area with the proposed Additions are limited by the Local Municipalities.  This step is necessary to ensure proper Permitting for the Project.  We will take Pictures of your house where the Proposed Addition will be located and take Measurements of the house where the Addition will be attached to the house.

Upon your signature acceptance of our Design & Proposal, of which then become part of the Contract Documents, we will immediately start on the Engineered Construction Drawings required for Permitting.  This process will take approximately 7 days unless there are more required changes.  Upon completion of the Architectural & Engineered Plans, we will submit them to you for your final approval, and upon your acceptance they will become part of the Contract Documents.

Schedule your free consultation by calling our office or filling out our contact form.  After we receive your request for a free consultation, we will schedule a time when it best fits your schedule.  We will gather your ideas and learn how you plan to use your space and the components you plan to include. We will ask you what you are planning to budget for your Project.   We will build a Preliminary Budget at this time based on the information you give us to determine if this is a project you would like us to proceed with a Design and formal proposal.

Upon receipt of Permit from the municipality in your city we will schedule the project with a start date.

We will provide a Design with Specifications & an Exact Proposal for your Project within approximately 7 days.  We will schedule a Second Appointment with you to go over the details of your Project Design and Pricing.




We will provide 3-D Views of your project with our proposal. A three dimensional view can show how we can design the most difficult additions to existing roof lines.